Our fees are calculated on the basis of the work with which you entrust us. An estimate will be provided beforehand.

Our authentification and attribution services are calculated based on an hourly rate. To help our clients to keep their costs under control, together we agree on a maximum number of hours that will be spent. Any overrun will be the subject of a new agreement.

When it comes to appraisal, we systematically propose a flat fee for each work of art to be appraised. This fee varies depending on the number of works we are being asked to appraise.

When we advise a collector as part of a sale of a work of art, our compensation comes in the form of a commission. The amount of the commission is agreed upon in advance, and is based on the complexity of the transaction. Nevertheless, when we advise you to entrust an auction house with the work, it is the auction house that pays us. This is a professional practice that is found the world over, and one that releases you from having to pay our fees.

When it comes to purchasing a work of art, we are also paid by commission, and only in the case that the transaction takes place.

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