Selling a work of art is a more complex transaction than it may appear

Of course, you can always "get rid" of a work to the first person that comes along. But this is no way to maximise your profit – or even to get a decent price. As it turns out, selling a work of art in the wrong place or to the wrong person can be disastrous for the seller (and extremely profitable for the buyer!), in the same way as offering it for sale everywhere (resulting in the work being "burned", in art market parlance).

A more cost-effective and safer alternative involves asking a professional to find the best venue for you. The Bounameaux consultancy will defend your interests while assisting you in selling works of art or an entire collection. We do not purchase the works that we are entrusted to sell – we act as a broker, and are compensated by a commission on the sale. For the seller, this commission is a small part of the added value that our involvement may represent. Our clients' interests are therefore our interests as well.

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