Buying a work of art should be a pleasure. Making the right choice can help make the pleasure last.

As experts in old-master paintings and in modern and contemporary art, we advise a wide range of clients, from experienced collectors looking for a specific work to newcomers seeking help with a first purchase. If a client wishes to acquire a work of art that falls outside the scope of our abilities, we can call on an extensive network of individuals with expertise in most sectors of the art market. Our clients can have complete confidence in their help and advice.

We offer our opinion concerning the quality of a work as well as its condition – and, of course, the price the seller is asking. If you wish, we can negotiate the purchase on your behalf. We can also represent you at auctions, after agreeing on a maximum bid.

Moreover, we can provide our services throughout the acquisition process: after discussing your budget with you, we can go in search of the artwork of your dreams.

We never own the works that we offer for sale, and when we advise you to acquire one work of art instead of another, the only interests we have in mind are yours. Our independence is your guarantee. What is more, we work in complete openness, involving you in every stage of the purchase transaction.

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